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Different Packaging Styles of Corrugated Boxes

Another important component when picking the appropriate corrugated packaging box for your products is finding the right fit.

Corrugated boxes come in all shapes and sizes. You don’t want to have to cram your items, but you don’t want them swimming around either.

When selecting a box size, keep in mind that the dimensions of a box are written as length x width x height (L x W x H).

Here are some of the most common box style options to choose from that come in varying sizes:

  • Regular Slotted Container (RSC): This one is the most common. Think of your classic shipping box. With this box, all of the flaps are the same length, with the two outer length flaps meeting in the middle when the box is closed. You need tape to secure the flaps.

  • Full Overlap Container (FOL): This type of box has added strength since both sets of outer flaps fully overlap, making it double-layered on the top and bottom of the box.

  • One Piece Folder (OPF): If you’ve ever ordered a book or other media materials, you’ve seen one of these boxes. They’re creased and slotted, then folded into a box.

  • Full Telescope Design (FTD): As the name suggests, this box has a separate top and bottom that fit over each other. The double walls give it extra strength.

Of course, these boxes need to be closed up somehow. Most commonly, corrugated boxes are closed up with packaging tape, tuck-in flaps, or strapping for heavy-duty loads.

All of these choices can feel overwhelming, but there are many tools and services available to get you started on your quest for that perfect box. If you’re looking for a simple box, you can easily find some reference online.

When you need something more complicated, with features like full 3D models or designing your die-cut templates, request a free consultation with our packaging team for guidance about dielines, box styles, varnish and more that’s specific to your unique needs.

Contents are credit to refine packaging in the US.

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