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B坑, E坑, 分作是甚麼?

Get to know more!


E-flute E坑 (2.0mm)

由於E坑細槽紋結構提供了一個極好的表面印刷條件, 常用在陳列架、展示架及刷印包裝彩盒。主要用途:小型盒子,紙托盤,櫃檯展示品。

This is mainly used for smaller cases and when presentation is a priority. The fine flute structure provides an excellent surface for high quality printing. Uses: die cut boxes, parts trays, counter top displays, folders.

B-flute B坑 (3.0mm)

B坑也是在市場上十分常見的坑紙, 我們制作郵寄盒及中型紙盒時經常採用上的。 B坑的坑紋比E坑較高, 坑與坑之間較疏, 紙板較軟, 有較高減震援沖功能。

This is our standard board grade and our most commonly used board. Uses: shipping boxes, die cut boxes etc.

C-flute C坑 (~約4mm)

C坑波浪高度比B略高, C坑可提供良好援沖及抗壓性但相對B坑軟身。用途:水果容器,玻璃貨主,藝術包裝等。

Our C-flute kraft (brown) board is made from a heavy grade of paper, giving a rigid board with good crush resistance. Uses: fruit containers, glass shippers, art packaging etc.

BC-flute BC坑 (6mm)  | Twin-cushion

BC坑常使用在大型紙箱中, 可應用於重型貨物/機械部件包裝, 也是雙坑紙會經常使用的紙料之一。

We use this for heavy duty applications where maximum protection is required. Uses: pallet boxes, art packaging, electronics/machinery boxes.

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