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Case Sharing


The customer wanted to make an urgent order for the Mother's Day delivery box, and hoped that Ocean Paper could help him produce a flower delivery box with a retainer to ensure that the flowers are most safely protected when they are delivered.


We have designed several beer cards that can hold flower bottles of different sizes according to the size of the vase provided by the customer, and used with the outer box, so that a group of mother customers can receive the perfect flower on Mother's Day.

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Established in 2011, ditto ditto innovated the declining traditional letterpress printing technology, designing and producing various hand-painted paper art products, including greeting cards, business cards and stationery.

​ With the DITTO DITTO style, the ocean has produced a series of paper stationery and packaging with local Hong Kong style, so that when customers receive the products, they can feel DITTO DITTO's enthusiasm for inheriting and innovating traditional crafts and exuding the human touch behind the exquisite craftsmanship.


​Holiday gift

I want to give gifts to customers on festivals, but don't know what to give to enhance the customer's impression?  

Ocean Paper Products specially designs candy gift boxes for customers. It is novel and beautiful, leaving a deep impression on customers. Say goodbye to the same Hamper Set 


​Holiday gift

​Guests can make their own pictures, or carefully designed by the designer of the ocean, which is environmentally friendly and reflects the uniqueness of the gift.

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