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Flexo printing and carton packaging

Environmentally Friendly Printing-Flexo Printing is a printing method that uses a flexible resin plate to transfer ink quantitatively through an anilox roller.

Carton is the most widely used packaging product, usually three-layer, five-layer or seven-layer corrugated paper, which is printed, molded and joined

It is processed by combined technology.

Carton packaging, as the "coat" of the product, has direct contact with consumers and is related to the impression of the product and the brand. Therefore,

In order to improve the overall grade of the product, carton packaging with good printing effect is needed to realize the brand image in the entire circulation field.

Flexo printing process for carton packaging

1. Color standardization

(1) Determine the color standard

In order to shorten the pre-press preparation time, color standardization before design is very important. According to the characteristics of color separation before flexo printing, the process of "spot color + CMYK" is generally used.

(2) Formulate ink color matching standards

In order to keep the printing color stable, a full-computerized ink matching machine is used for color matching, and the corresponding ink color matching standard has been formulated. The product ink

Use a special ink scraper to test the ink used.












2. Test the printing characteristics of standard colors

After color standardization, under different printing conditions, use this set of inks to test the printing characteristic data of standard colors,

Used for analog digital proofing.

3. Analog digital proofing

Using real dot analog digital proofing technology to simulate the printing characteristic data of standard colors, and finally output the printing paper

Simulation proofs are used to quickly determine the design effect under printing conditions.

4. Batch printing and signing and control

After the printing effect is confirmed, it can be officially published and printed according to the pre-designed standard colors and process conditions.

Quickly restore the printing effect of digital proofs, shorten the confirmation time of proofs, and control the deviation of batch printing.

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